QD Vision Policies

QD Vision Quality Policy

QD Vision is committed to deliver high-quality, reliable products and services, comply with applicable requirements and regulations, and measure and continually improve the effectiveness of our quality system and the overall value we provide to our customers.

QD Vision Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

QD Vision is committed to conducting its operations so as to minimize the potential for adverse impacts on the environment, to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for all of its employees, and to comply with applicable EHS legislative and regulatory requirements in the jurisdictions where we operate.

QD Vision is committed to working toward the environmental sustainability expectations of our customers and stakeholders as they apply to our processes, both internal and outsourced, and to the products we bring to market. By proactively incorporating environmental considerations during the design process, QD Vision strives to develop products which deliver a net environmental benefit over their life cycle.

QD Vision’s Environmental Health and Safety Management Systems (EHSMS) provide for establishing and annually reviewing the EHS policy, objectives and targets for our operations, focusing on reducing our impact on the environment and enabling worker health and safety. This includes:

  • Operation of our facilities and processes to protect the environment and promote energy efficiency
  • Prevention of pollution risk from our products
  • Recycling of appropriate materials and making use of recycled or green materials as feasible across our operations
  • Awareness of employees of their role and responsibility to fulfill this policy and sustain our EHSMS
  • Continual improvement of our EHSMS