Regulatory Compliance

QD Vision strives to design and ship products that are compliant with international chemical and environmental regulations. As a maker of optical components that contain novel chemicals, we proactively research and address certain regulations that are of particular relevance to our products or our customers’ products. For example, our display products are compliant with TSCA in the US, RoHS and REACH in the EU, and similar regulations of which we are aware in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and China. Our products can also be disposed of without special requirements in all of the mentioned jurisdictions.

QD Vision is designing its materials and technology solutions to provide for a safer and greener environment. In recognition of our efforts to promote a clean environment, the company was awarded the 2014 Green Chemistry Award by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, in 2009 was an AlwaysOn Going Green 50 winner and was named the Emerging Clean Energy Company of the Year by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Council.

Product Safety

Product safety has always been at the forefront at QD Vision, and our Color IQ technology reflects this focus. Color IQ optics have multiple layers of safety designed into every component, ensuring product safety during normal operation, failure, or disposal.

Employing the principle of responsible development, we have produced a display technology product that eliminates the need for rare earth materials or mercury, both of which are currently used in LCD TVs. To replace these substances, Color IQ products contain a tiny quantity of cadmium that is bound within a solid crystal, which is then fixed within a hardened resin polymer and securely encased in sealed glass inside the backlight system of a television. These packaging layers eliminate the risk of exposure to the novel materials during operation of the product. Because the materials are all solid state with essentially no vapor pressure, even in the event of failure or breakage, consumers are not at risk for exposure to Cadmium. Consumers will realize the advanced, full-color performance benefits delivered by Color IQ without any negative trade-offs in safety.

Televisions and displays with Color IQ join a list of other products that safely employ cadmium or other heavy metals, including rechargeable batteries, non-LED televisions, solar cells, thermostats, and PVC plastics used in pipes and other products.

QD Vision has taken all of the necessary tests to confirm product safety. First, multiple rounds of testing by third-party laboratories have confirmed that coating the quantum dot prevents leaching of cadmium, even when exposed to landfill environments. Second, abrasion tests of polymer done in conjunction with University of Massachusetts professor Michael Ellenbecker, showed zero nanoparticle release. Finally, by embedding the polymer in glass, QD Vision has essentially eliminated the possibility of incidental exposure to cadmium.

In manufacturing Color IQ products, QD Vision adheres to Prevention through Design (PtD), an initiative led by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). PtD addresses occupational safety and health needs in the design process to prevent or minimize the work-related hazards and risks associated with the construction, manufacture, use, maintenance, and disposal of facilities, materials, and equipment. The goal of PtD is to “design out” or minimize hazards and risks early in the design process. The bottom line, by employing PtD, QD Vision seeks to eliminate environmental implications downstream.