What is Color IQ™ technology?

Color IQ technology is an advanced light emitting semiconductor technology developed by QD Vision, Inc. By integrating QD Vision's Color IQ™ optical component with our customers' display technologies, TVs and monitors achieve full-gamut color, providing a far more natural and vivid viewing experience.

How does Color IQ technology improve LCD TV color performance compared to conventional LCD TVs?

Conventional LCD TVs use white LEDs for the system backlight. These white LEDs have broadband light emission, and as a result the red, green and blue colors emitted are not fully saturated; only achieving 70% of the NTSC standard. By comparison, the Color IQ solution emits very pure, very saturated, narrow bandwidth red, green and blue light that is optimized for LCD TVs. With Color IQ optics, LCD TVs can achieve a wider color gamut and 100% of the NTSC standard.

How does Color IQ technology improve PC and workstation monitor performance compared with conventional displays?

The Color IQ solution emits very pure, very saturated, narrow bandwidth red, green and blue light that are optimized for display technologies. As a result, monitors using Color IQ technology can meet the full-gamut Adobe RGB standard more efficiently and cost effectively than current solutions in the market - providing immersive and accurate full gamut color for gaming, graphic arts, publishing, video streaming and editing.

What kind of products will include Color IQ technology?

Large screen LCD TVs, PC and workstation monitors use Color IQ technology. A number of television and monitor manufacturers carry Color IQ technology in their products today, including TCL, Hisense and Philips.

Is Color IQ technology something that can be retrofitted to existing display systems?

Unfortunately no, the Color IQ technology needs to be designed in by the display manufacturer.

Do I need to do any maintenance on Color IQ products?

No, the Color IQ solution is a passive optical component that is designed to deliver great color performance over the useful life of the display.

What happens if my Color IQ display breaks?

There are no special procedures to follow should a display with Color IQ technology breaks. The manufacturer can provide you with repair information. The Color IQ product contains only solid state materials, and hence there is no risk of material leakage, such as in liquid or gas state.

What is the Color IQ product made of?

The Color IQ product is made of a material called quantum dots, which provide the red and green light that you see when you watch TV or use a monitor. Quantum dots are a solid state semiconductor material (like Silicon, or LEDs) with unique light emitting properties that provide the excellent color purity that you enjoy with Color IQ technology.

Is Color IQ technology safe?

Color IQ technology is safe for workers, consumers, and the environment. QD Vision has applied the principles of Responsible Development, through various research projects, collaborations, and product design.