IFA 2015: Shouldn’t Your Next Display Have Quantum Dots?

TCL 65 inch_IFA 2015

There are few events larger than the IFA show in Berlin. At 240,000 attendees, the only thing close to it in my experience is a NASCAR race. And, like a NASCAR race, it’s a unique blend of professionals and everyday fans bouncing off each other in a dense-pack of noise and sweat and a not insignificant amount of beer. For what it’s worth, I prefer the beer at IFA.

As I made my way through the maze of buildings and booths at this year’s show, it became clear that the era of quantum dot displays is no longer about to happen – it’s here. The quantum dot display market is growing fast, and moving from a tiny niche play just one short year ago, to a rapidly maturing force in consumer electronics today. A year from now, it may just hit mainstream.

The chart below shows what I mean. A year ago at IFA, there was one lonely television featured on the market and featured at this show – a beautiful 55” 4K TCL H9700 TV based on our Color IQ™ quantum dot technology.
Sales graph 2014

It turned heads… and the rest of the display industry.

Since then, our progress with Color IQ has been strong:

• Most brands: QD Vision is now partnering with 7 leading television and monitor brands — the most of any quantum dot provider — to bring quantum dot-based displays to market globally
• First curved QD television: the Hisense 55” ULED K7100 TV is the first curved TV with Color IQ quantum dots
• Widest color gamut: TCL’s H9700 is the first and only commercial television to achieve full-gamut 110% NTSC color performance
• First quantum dot monitor: the Philips 27” E6 (276E6ADS) is the world’s first quantum dot desktop monitor, delivering professional quality color (99% Adobe RGB) at a mainstream price
In short, the display industry has made a huge leap forward.
This second graph shows the number of quantum dot displays on the market at the time of IFA 2015. Notably, in just one year, the number of shipping quantum dot-based displays is up to 30. And that doesn’t include the new Philips E6 monitor, which features 99% AdobeRGB color gamut coverage at an sRGB price.
QD TV Products by Retail ASP - Sept. 2015

We are particularly excited by the trend toward more mainstream price points. As most who attend IFA know, the television industry is famous for introducing interesting features at the high end of the market, but never really seeing them through to mainstream adoption. We at QD Vision are committed to not letting this happen with quantum dots.

But as nice as these milestones are – things are really just getting started.

Quantum dot technology is a powerful complement to other current innovations, including 4K resolution and high-dynamic range (HDR). These feature coming to market – separately and combined – will result in television choices that are nothing short of stunning.

It’s hard to fully predict next year’s IFA will look like, but based on my experience in Berlin this year, I’d be willing to bet on the following:
… more booths,
… more people,
… more beer, and
… more quantum dot displays.


By John Volkmann, Chief Marketing Officer, QD Vision

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