Color IQ™ Technology now available


Did you know that the human eye is capable of perceiving about 1 million different colors? It’s safe to say that in life, color really does matter. But, chances are that the television in your home or even the computer monitor you are using to read this can only show you a fraction of those colors. That’s why QD Vision has spent years engineering Color IQ technology, a quantum dot solution that expands the color gamut to enable your television, computer monitor, tablet and more to display color the way it was meant to be.

We’re partnering with companies such as TCL, Hisense, Philips, AOC, Konka, Sony, TPV and more to make Color IQ technology available to consumers across the globe. The following products feature Color IQ technology and are available today at retailers across the country such as

TCL H9700 55″ Television
TCL H9700 65″ Television
Hisense K7100 55″ Television
Philips E6 27″ Monitor

Philips 6850 55″ Television

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