QD Vision Corrects Factually Incorrect Statements Made by Nanoco Group, LLC (LON: NANO)


LEXINGTON, Mass., October 6, 2015 – QD Vision, the leader in quantum dot technology for QLED displays, responds to manifestly incorrect and misleading statements issued yesterday by Nanoco Group PLC.

In addition to mischaracterizing the relative competitiveness, energy efficiency, and environment friendliness of the QD Vision dots as compared to any actual or potential competitor, in its statement, Nanoco also wrongly claims:

“There is no legal basis for keeping or allowing new cadmium displays in the market” and that “the previous cadmium quantum dot exemption expired with the Parliament’s vote.

This is incorrect.  Taken directly from the Parliament’s May 21, 2015 press release, the Parliament’s request “does not ban cadmium quantum dots, but will trigger a new assessment. There are therefore no market distortions, as the current exemption remains valid until revoked.”

Exemption 39(b) from the RoHS Directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) remains valid and enforceable as per the European Commission’s statement, providing a legal basis for the shipping of these displays.

Nanoco claims that alternatives to cadmium based quantum dots “are readily available…”

 This is incorrect.  There is no alternative material on the market with the same color gamut and energy efficiency.  In addition, there are no monitors on the market based on indium phosphide.

Nanoco also claimed:

“Rather than accepting the European Parliament’s vote effectively ending the exemption, the European Commission decided to reassess whether the exemption should be kept in place for the future.”

This is incorrect.  The MEPs called for a reassessment based on the belief that new information was available regarding market alternatives.  The European Commission never changed its view that the exemption should be extended.  The Commission is now following the MEP’s request for a reassessment.  As noted, the exemption remains in force and effect.

Quote from QD Vision:

“We look forward to a swift technical assessment of the alternatives in this exciting segment – one that will plainly demonstrate that safe and energy-efficient cadmium selenide quantum dots are the only competitive solution for Europe,” said Mustafa Ozgen, CEO of QD Vision. “I don’t think any potential competitor intentionally attempted to mislead the European Parliament by their filings, but they seem to be unfamiliar with the significant advantages of the cadmium selenide-based quantum dots product in color, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness and the inability of alternative products to match these important performance characteristics.”


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